Le Trou Normand 90 Yorkville Avenue, Toronto, Ontario M5R 1B9, Ph: 416-967-5956, Fax: 416-967-6868

Le Trou Normand is a French Restaurant in Yorkville, Toronto since 1973!

Le Trou Normand street view Drinking Calvados Apple Brandy to boost appetite during meals is called le trou Normand.

Enjoy French culinary delights with some great French wines.
Le Trou Normand is the the longest established restaurant in Yorkville, Toronto.
We have the same Chef since the opening in 1973.

French chef Pellaprat  divided French cuisine into four basic subdivisions: la haute cuisine , la cuisine bourgeoise, la cuisine régionale, and la cuisine impromptue …..

Le Trou Nnormand is typical la cuisine réginonal, rich and diverse mixture of local French dishes. Such as : veal Normandy, escargot, duck l’orange, sweet bread, also like venison, magret duck and so on ..

Le Trou Normand is named after the custom of taking a shot of Calvados (Apple Brandy).

It is done between  courses to aid in the digestion.  An  example of “la cuisine régionale”.  Les plats du jour : often include delicious soup, Venison, Magret de Canard, (duck breast) and Orange Roughy, or other fish…..we are sure you’ll enjoy the food, wine, and the service at Le Trou Normand. You can come for great food, friendly service or plain old nostalgia for Old Yorkville!
Le Trou Normand over 40 years excellence in Yorkville, to put our passion on your plate.