Le Trou Normand 90 Yorkville Avenue, Toronto, Ontario M5R 1B9, Ph: 416-967-5956, Fax: 416-967-6868

About Le Trou Normand.

Le Trou Normand's weather battered logo made of wood hangs on the right side of our street entrance, since opening in the seventies.
It is Le Trou Normand's restaurant unofficial Trade Mark, and it bears the Coat of Arms for Normandy since Normand is the resident of Normandy, a French region. The tradition "le trou Normand" it also means "the Norman hole" and it is a tradition of taking small drink of Calvados, an apple brandy. It is during large meals and stimulates the appetite.
Le Trou Normand Offer quality French Cuisine, all home-made.
Romantic candlelight atmosphere.
Garden patio dining.
Luxurious homemade French desserts.
Corporate and private parties (use our reservation form).
Open seven days a week.

Le Trou Normand RESTAURANT FRANCAIS & Hors d'age BAR

Le Trou Normand Dining Room Le Trou Normand Homemade Deserts